Case Study: High Thrive

from $0 to $18k per month in 6 months


Antony George came to us with his advertising agency, High Thrive desiring consistency. When Antony came to us his revenue was bouncing around between $3k and $10k per month. Antony just could not figure out how to get over that $10k per month mark! He had tried just about everything that the “business gurus” online said, but nothing was working.

The Results

Once Antony got his virtual assistant on board, things were starting to move fast! With his virtual assistant taking on the role of prospecting and doing that consistently, new business was starting to come in steadily. Now, High Thrive is doing between $15k-$20k per month! In only 6 months, Antony went from $0 to $18k per month! Seeing that Antony can get this kind of success in only 6 months, I can only imagine what he will do in the next year!


The Process

When Antony joined, he realized that his agency was a bit all over the place! He needed to focus on one thing, get it working, measure its success, document that, and then turn it into standard operating practice. By doing this, it would set him up to delegate those tasks to just about anybody. Antony also recognized that he needed to have somebody on his team to constantly be prospecting. What we did next was pair Antony up with a virtual assistant to start helping him out with some of this.

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