Case Study: High Performance Influencer

From 4 failed businesses, to now making over $500k/ month


Before Richard Yu joined Scaling with Systems, he was a recent college graduate just trying to get his footing with the world. Richard always knew he was an entrepreneur. After graduating from University, he started 4 businesses. Richard tried an ATM business, a dropshipping eCom business, a B2B Agency, and a jewelry business. None of them took off. Richard felt like he was at a loss for what to do. With nothing to lose, Richard started an online consulting business. To Richard’s delight, he was finally seeing some success in this. Although he was seeing success, he didn’t have the necessary tools to be able to scale and grow his business.

The Results

Richard is not a broke college graduate anymore! Richard is making over $500k / month as of lately! (Yes, that’s over 6 million a year for those of us who are bad at math). Richard is living the life he has always dreamed of. He is a homeowner and drives the car he’s only ever dreamt of having. Richards’s business is now doing better than ever, and he continues to grow it every day!


The Process

When Richard joined Scaling with Systems, it was clear he was willing and ready to learn. He kept his head down, learned the material, and most importantly, implemented it into his business! He was able to hire his first virtual assistant to help take some of the load off of himself and focus more on the systems and the lead generation side of things. With hiring that first virtual assistant, a lot changed; Richard explained it as a mind shift. He finally saw himself as a business owner, rather than a self-employed entrepreneur. That was huge, and with that mindset shift, is where we saw great success with Richard!

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