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Case Study: Growth Base

From $0 to $11k in under 60 Days


Growth Base Agency is an advertising agency that specializes in end to end lead generation for real estate agents. 

Upon starting Scaling With Systems, Growth Base Agency was just getting started, with minimal resources and minimal experience in the agency space. 

The Results

Within 60 days Tuan reached 11.5K in MRR or about 150k in ARR. His growth rate has been incredible and he is on track to keep that growth up without even getting close to burnout.

The Process

Immediately into the educational material, Tuan realized that what he was building was not going to be the right vehicle to get him to 7 or 8 figures, so he did take it upon himself to rebuild from the ground up. 

Using our roadmap to $1,000,000, Tuan leveraged the help of his virtual assistant to turn up his outreach leading to massive results right away. 

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