Case Study: Grow The Show

0 to $12k MRR in 3 Months


Before Scaling with Systems, I really didn’t know anything about sales and marketing. I had a business that would get 1 new client every 3 months, I was going into debt, and I had no idea how to right the ship. 

I had tried leaning into word of mouth, I looked for outside investment, and I had tried hiring a full-time assistant with catastrophic results.

The Results

My VA provided instant traffic to this new business. At 600 pieces of outreach per day, my calendar was full with 8-10 conversations every day with independent podcasters. This allowed me to make $15k in 2 weeks, before even building any product or fulfilment. 

Today, my VA still fills my calendar every day, she handles all of my onboarding, and she takes care of most of my lead-warming activities. All I have to do is coach and sell.

1. I went from idea to $15k revenue in three weeks, before building any product. 

2. I went from never selling before to a 50% high-ticket close rate in 3 months. 

3. I went from 0 to 12k monthly cash collected in 3 months, as a solopreneur.

The Process

The program actually made me realize that I was in the wrong business completely. I was trying to provide a bespoke service (podcast editing) to large companies. The sales cycle was long, there was no profitability, and I was working 60 hours a week while losing money. 

Through SWS, I learned that I should be serving independent podcasters because they had a greater need that I could actually solve, profitably. I invented a brand new business from scratch with Ravi’s guidance 2 weeks into the program.


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