Case Study: Flying V Group

Went From making pennies for my time to now making 6-figures per month


Fernando Corona had just quit his full-time 9-5 job when we met him. After quitting his 9-5, Fernando was shocked at how hard it was to make it on his own! He had just recently started his digital marketing agency, Flying V Group. Fernando tried 2 different coaching courses and neither of them brought him any kind of help. After 4 long months of making pennies of his time, Fernando finally decided to invest in Scaling with Systems.

The Results

When Fernando got his virtual assistant on his team, he learned the value of delegation. He created SOP’s for his virtual assistant to follow and trusted that they would do their job as he did his. Within the very first month of joining, Fernando got a client at $3k/month. Within the next 3 months, he landed a $40k deal! (Which now has been $60k+ and running!) Since then, Fernando has hit record milestones and is doing $100k months!


The Process

Fernando joined Scaling with Systems with zero systems, zero strategies, and zero help! He had no idea how to perform outbound messages, and was a slave to his business! On top of that, it wasn’t even giving him any return! We immediately got Fernando placed with a virtual assistant, as well as taught him exactly how to automate his business and run a successful agency.

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