Case Study: Essential Contracting Group

Went from making $3k / month to $13k / month in only 7 months!


Shaun Bushing started at Scaling with Systems at the very conception of his company, Essential Contracting Group. Shaun, who was also a full-time law student, had a shaky understanding of what owning a business meant or entailed. He was looking to learn anything and everything about how to get his new business off the ground. 

The Results

When we met Shaun, he was averaging $2,000 to $3,000 of revenue per month. All it took was a few months of learning, going through the program, and setting his mind to it and Shuan began to average $9,000 – $13,000 per month! Shaun’s business is less than a year old and is already on track to do 6-figures yearly. I can only imagine, what more time will bring him!


The Process

Shaun came into Scaling with Systems wanting to learn how he could successfully own and operate a South Florida company while living in Chicago, while also being a full-time law student! To most people that may sound like a lot, but honestly, if you learn how to systemize, automate and delegate – it’s a breeze!

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