Case Study: Epic Drone Tours

from $0 to $15k in revenue in 4 months


Jack Spitser, a fresh college graduate, had no clue what he wanted to do with his life. Like most college graduates, he was throwing his hat in a bunch of different things, just trying to find one that would stick. Jack had dabbled in photography all his life but didn’t quite know how to make a career out of it, so he just moved on to other things. When Jack joined Scaling with Systems he was currently running a very small SMMA agency, with only 2-3 clients.

The Results

When Jack started Epic Drone Tours, he started it completely from scratch, just flying drones through his friend’s houses. He was at $0, and in only 4 months he was able to get that revenue up to $15k. In that time, Jack was also able to network with some pretty successful people, which led to more deals. Jack actually just closed a 5-figure deal with the #9 real estate agent in the entire US. Jack is continuing to grow his business, getting ready to hire a virtual assistant as well as an executive assistant to help him in the day-to-day operations.


The Process

Jack joined Scaling with Systems because he felt as though he was at a loss for what to do career-wise. Jack needed a niche and a niche that was scaleable. Like many young adults, Jack was indecisive. He changed his niche/company 3 times while he was in our program! After a few months, Jack finally landed on Epic Drone Tours. Epic Drone Tours was a company to serve real estate professionals as well as business owners for creating videos of properties such as hotels, restaurants, retail shops, etc. using drones. It was a brilliant idea in all honesty. From there, we helped Jack with the process of getting his business up and running!

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