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Case Study: Emily Onimus

On track to be making $15k /month after only 2 months


Emily Onimus has been working in operations for over two years. Now she manages a team of 5 people as the operations lead at a new company. Emily even describes herself as a self-proclaimed ‘geek of automation and systems!’ While Emily was familiar with most of the software that Remote Integrator Academy teaches, she wanted to refine her skill set even further. 



After 2 weeks, Emily secured her first client! Also after 2 weeks, Emily took the knowledge she learned and applied some of that to her boyfriend’s ad agency. It went so well that they then hired her on as their remote integrator and she continues to build out their systems and automation! After only 2 months of being in the program, she got another client! Not to mention the 2 other clients that are in the pipeline. Emily is on track to make $15k/month very soon! For all you not-so math wizards out there that is $180k per year! 


The Process

It only took Emily 2 weeks of being inside the academy before she saw success! Emily got her first client within 2 weeks, and after 3 weeks was being set up with another client! “The coaches saw my potential, eagerness to learn and continue to grow”, is what Emily described as the motivation she saw inside the program. Emily described finding clients an 8/10 on a scale of being easy. She explained that once you are equipped with the knowledge, all you need to do is know how to talk to people, and you’re golden! 

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