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Case Study: Elena Dimova

"My income increased by 65% since I joined this course"


Elena Dimova worked as a digital marketer doing mundane, low-responsibility work. She was tired of the same old work and knew that in order to get more from her job, she needed to add more value. That’s when she began to look for ways to boost her knowledge and improve her skills. That’s when Elena found Remote Integrator Academy!



With Elena’s newfound skillset, she quickly saw herself moving up in her job. She got reimbursed for the whole program and was also given a raise for the new knowledge she was bringing to her job. “I got a promotion because I used this academy in my power to show my clients how valuable I can be to them.” Elena even reported that her income has increased by 65% since the day she joined!


The Process

Elena started Remote Integrator Academy with the hopes of getting more responsibility at work, getting assigned more interesting, challenging work, and hopefully, that would all lead to a raise. Elena learned a lot during her time in the program and was able to take that knowledge and apply it to her current job. The most recognizable thing that Elena did for her current job was she managed to make some ZAP’s that nobody thought of making before. Now, they never miss a lead!

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