Case Study: Doola

"Made $20k in one day without Touching my computer"


Before Zachary Dulla joined Scaling with Systems, he was working as an entrepreneur at his own company Doola. He was seeing success with his new business venture; making roughly $400k in gross annual sales. So what’s the problem? The problem was that Zachary wasn’t happy. Yes, he was seeing some success in his business, but at what cost? He was working tirelessly day and night. He also had no clear vision of where the company was heading or any type of sustainable sales system. Zachary got to where was he was because he had a good idea. But to continue that success, and scale it bigger, he would need some help. Zachary also had a ‘side business’, that he was working on, but didn’t know exactly how to turn that idea into a tangible, profitable business. 

The Results

Zachary and both of his businesses absolutely took off after he joined Scaling with Systems. In just one year, Zachary saw a revenue increase of +92%! With Zachary’s newly found free time, he was able to finally start turning his second business idea into a reality. He launched his second business in March 2020 and saw $300k in sales in just 10 months.


The Process

When Zachary joined Scaling with Systems, he was still at the point in his business where he was manually cold calling and emailing like crazy, just trying to find his next client. He knew that he needed to automate his business. We got Zachary his first virtual assistant, and just like that – the burden of all of these mundane tasks in his business were taken off of his shoulders. Zachary could now work on learning how to systemize his business and grow his business. 

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