Case Study: Digital Roots

More than quadrupled his client base in only 4 months


Daniel Dimitrov never truly had a clear direction for his business and always struggled with gaining and retaining clients. Daniel had tried multiple strategies and methods he had learned in business school, but it led to very little results. Daniel finally took the leap of faith, invested in himself, and joined Scaling with Systems.

The Results

Success found Daniel quickly after he joined Scaling with Systems. In only 4 months, Daniel was able to quadruple the number of clients he had by just applying the systems and strategies taught to him. This success happened even before Daniel was placed with his virtual assistant. About his journey thus far, Daniel says, ” It is not like any other course, and I’d argue to even call it a course, it’s a program that works and a lifestyle”!


The Process

After joining the program, the first thing Daniel recognized was that he was not using the right systems and processing necessary for his business to grow. About his biggest realization during his time in Scaling with System, Daniele said, “I learned that I was always only working in my business rather than on it. That strategic shift has made the biggest difference in how I operation and see my business”.  

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