Case Study: Digiceptual

From $0 to a multi 6 figure business in 8 months


Brandon See was brand new to the entrepreneur world! He was a high ticket salesperson for an online business when he realized that he needed something for himself. Brandon has never had a business of his own, but it was always a dream of his. Brandon’s friend introduced him to Scaling with Systems as a solution to his goal!

The Results

Brandon, his partner and now his new virtual assistant, took Digiceptual from $0 to now being a multi 6 figure company! This happened in less than a year. 8 months ago Brandon was still working for somebody else, closing their deals. Now, he is the owner of a thriving business and doing what he loves every day!


The Process

Brandon joined Scaling with Systems, and thus his company Digiceptual came to life! Brandon took action to create his business and even found a partner to help him with his venture. Brandon was focusing on the outbound systems side of the business while his partner was helping with fulfillment. Brandon said his biggest takeaway from the course was learning the concept of ‘reducing and adding friction.’

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