Case Study: Denise (Work Less, and Make More)

My mindset improved and my automations set up for success


Denise (like many of our clients) actually was running a company before she came to us.
It was a business-to-business lead generation agency, leveraging LinkedIn to get appointments for her clients.

The problem?

She was working incredibly long hours and getting paid less than a “9-5er” when she did the math.
It was difficult for her to remove herself as she was in charge of marketing, lead generation, sales, fulfillment, customer service, accounting, etc.

All she wanted was to be able to work remotely in the Caribbean so she could take care of her parents as they got older.

While she was running her agency she was glued to her computer, barely scraping by and working from early morning until long in the night.


The Results

Within just a few coaching calls it was clear how bad she wanted it and after just a few weeks she was interviewed and hired with one of our clients, making her dream income, this time in just a few hours of work a week, meaning she is able to spend more time taking care of her parents.

For some people, they want time freedom so they can travel the world.

For others, they want it so they can take care of those they love.

Many do both.


The Process

If you want help the best person to listen to isn’t your best friend, your mom, your aunt, your grandpa. (Unless you want to be exactly like them…)

The best advice I’ve ever been given is listen to the people that have been where you want to go. 

Don’t sabotage yourself by following the advice of people, coaches, friends, that haven’t achieved what you want to.

Hire a mentor that has a proven track record, and you’ll be on your way to success.

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