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Case Study: Daniel Tapia

"Finally quit my 9-5 and now I make 3X the money!"


Daniel Tapia was working at your typical 9-5 job for years. Like most people, however, this is not what he wanted to do be doing. Daniel has tried just about every marketing or guru course out there. Describing his experience in these programs he states, “most people will sign you up into their program and then never talk to you again”. Now, obviously, a course like that is not going to be successful in helping facilitate growth.



Daniel said that his first ‘big win’ wasn’t even monetary. His first big win was recognizing that a lot of the things that he was doing was worth way more than he orginally was charging for it. Daniel’s second win was of course finally being able to quit his job for good! Now, Daniel is making 3X the amount of money that he was making at his 9-5 job! About the success, Daniel states “not too long ago, I wasn’t able to get people to take my phone call, but now i can’t get people to stop calling!” The cherry on top is that he is doing something that he loves, working from wherever he wants!


The Process

Daniel took a chance by invested in himself and joined Remote Itegrator Academy. Daniel immediatly saw that this course was different from the ones he had taken before because there is constant communication with a team of experts as well as peers you can turn to for help. Besides the systems teaching, Daniel also felt that the fundamental learning was very insightful and useful when it came to talking with his clients.

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