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Case Study: Conversionly

$4k per month to $200k per month in 6 months


When Justin and jack first joined Scaling With Systems (at this point they didn’t know each other) they were your typical advertising agency owners, making decent money ($3k-$5k/M), a lot of potential, but no real direction or consistent systems for growth and fulfillment.
After working through some of our program, copy + pasting our systems / funnels, and hiring on our fully-trained integrator inside of their company, things started changing, and changing fast. 
For most people, this would have been enough, they were on their way to a 7-figure run-rate and were totally removed from their business.
I remember on one of our calls Zach said “I don’t even know what to do with all the free time I have now.”
How would that feel? 
Making tens of thousands of dollars a month and you have so much of it systemized and delegated that you don’t even know what to do?
What happened next will seem almost made-up…
In December of 2019, I held an in-person mastermind (before the world blew up lol) and had about 100 clients fly to San Diego to have a 3-day intensive.
Of course, Justin and Zach (who met inside of Scaling With Systems) decided to fly out together to the event.
I won’t get into all the details of what happened next (you can see their full case study and testimonial here), but it was here that they leveraged my teachings and their love of action to create a new business together, Conversionly, which is now generating $200k+/M for both of them.
At the event they joined my highest-level program (The Scaling Initiative) which is a 12-month, one-on-one intensive, where I helped build their ads, targeting, sales funnel, sales team, and so much more.


The Results

Within just a few months they took Conversionly to a $2,000,000+ run rate at over 60% profit margins. Now they are running even more traffic to the same sales letter and building out their sales team (and back end offer) in order to bring it to a $1,000,000 / month company.

The Process

Once inside the Scaling Initiative we quickly identified their top priority: build a client acquisition machine. Since their offer was so similar to ours we knew that there was product-market-fit, but they knew they would have a hard time “getting the word out”. 
Using our multi-million dollar sales funnel as a template we built out one for them that played hard on the differences between them and the competitors in their marketplace (you can see the ad and sales letter below). Within a few days of going live they were getting $35 booked appointments for a $10,000+ offer.
It wasn’t perfect from the beginning, after launching the funnel we hopped on another one-on-one to get the sales process and funnel dialed in to the point of max profitability. We increased their curation percentages, simplified the opt-in page (which doubled their conversions), and built some sales assets that increased Justin’s closing percentage on the phone.
After they were getting more booked appointments than they knew what to do with we showed them how to consistently and predictably ramp a sales team, which they did, taking on 4 new sales reps only a few days after our call.

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