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Case Study: Contractor Central

More than Tripled our revenue in just 6 months!


Before Goulled Mussa joined Scaling with Systems, he was working hard trying to manage his business. Goulled tried different programs online that promised to help, but yet he still fell short. His business was doing okay, but he just didn’t have the time, or resources to scale it. Goulled felt as though most of his time was spent doing mundane tasks, and wasn’t using his time to the best of his ability. 

The Results

Once Goulled was able to identify what his business needed, and how to get there, he was able to hire a virtual assistant. With that, Goulled immediately saw his lead flow increasing. In just 6 months of starting the program, Goulled more than tripled his monthly revenue! Before Goulled joined Scaling with Systems, he was bringing in around $1k-3k per month. In just 6 months’ time, Goulled reported he was making $5k-10k per month in revenue! 


The Process

Once Goulled joined Scaling with Systems, we worked with him to help identify the bottlenecks in his business, and how he could scale it up. We worked hard to place Goulled with a virtual assistant, who could take over the daily mundane tasks that Goulled dreaded each day. Now he was actually able to focus on getting new clients, being creative and scaling up his business. 

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