Case Study: ClinicFix

more than 4x their monthly revenue in just a few months


Tommy Guidroz and his company ClinicFix were in their ‘start-up’ phase when he came to us. ClinicFix is a company mainly focused on helping healthcare organizations. Tommy had good momentum but it was really capped by his own personal time. He needed more leverage to reach more clients and close more sales. He had attempted to build a process himself, but it seemed to him like a no-brainer to go to an expert with a proven process like scaling with systems! 

The Results

With Tommy’s virtual assistant on board, things were really moving! “It felt so much better knowing I don’t have to prospect all day long,” Tommy said regarding his virtual assistant taking over that outreach. With his virtual assistant on the team, Tommy’s productivity increased and allowed him to focus on more money-making activities vs. the mundane daily tasks! ClinicFix went from a sporadic $3-7k per month to now a consistent $12k-25k per month in just a few months!


The Process

When Tommy joined Scaling with Systems he recognized that he needed a more tried and true process. “We were just winging it a lot of the time” Tommy admits. That may have worked for the time being with just two people running ClinicFix, but to grow and scale they must have a real process and systems in place. We helped Tommy out with some automation, processes, and set him up with a virtual assistant to help take over some of the day-to-day operational tasks.

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