Case Study: Clear Growth Social

Went from 1 client to now making over $10k/month in only 6 months


John Carmichael was a complete beginner in the marketing agency space. He only had 1 or 2 clients and still felt like a brand new entrepreneur. His company, Clear Growth Social, was his first major investment in a business. He had tried courses before, and that’s actually what helped him land his first client, but it didn’t give much guidance on how to grow after that!

The Results

We got John started with his virtual assistant and it was smooth sailing from there! His virtual assistant, along with the new system we implemented for client generation was able to reach 500-1000 people every day! John was finally seeing appointments on his calendar consistently. John went from a brand new agency owner with only 1 or 2 clients to now doing over $10k per month in the span of 6 months! 


The Process

John joined Scaling with Systems in the hopes of growing his clientele, and business. Specifically, his goal was to get more clients and have a system in place for mass prospecting. In the past, he had no real way of generating appointments and relied on references, which isn’t exactly scalable long-term. 

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