Case Study: Indigo Marketing Agency

From overworked & burnt out to now stepping back from the day to day operations


Claire Akin was working tirelessly every single day trying to run and operate her marketing agency, Indigo Marketing Agency.

Clair’s business wasn’t just some small-town agency, she was running a business managing over 20 people on her team!

With trying to run her business, manage a group of over 20+ employees, and everything else Claire had on her plate, it was too much for her to handle on her own.

The Results

Before Claire joined our integrator placement program, she felt as though she was burnt out, and not available enough to support her team.

Once Claire was finally able to be placed with her remote integrator, she was finally able to remove herself from those mundane day-to-day operational aspects of her business and focus on the things that were really necessary for her business and team to grow financially.


The Process

Claire joined our integrator placement program mainly to remove herself from the day to day operational aspects of her business. She was single-handedly trying to run every aspect of her business herself, which just isn’t realistic.

What Claire needed help on specifically was tracking metrics, solving problems, locating software, and hiring the right people.

Claire had tried to fill these roles in the past, but it wasn’t working out the way that she had hoped.

When Claire joined, she found our process to be fast and easy! She had a quick call with one of our team members who identified the problems she was having, and quickly sent her a list of qualified people to help fill this role in her company.

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