Christian John

Case Study: Christian Orsos

From Agency owner to On Track to pay off debt in less than a year


Christian Orsos is one of the hardest working guy’s that has come through the Remote Integrator Program.

He’s owned an agency for 3 years but it never quite reached the success he had hoped for.

Dealing with unhappy clients, paying VA’s, softwares, etc… It had left Christian in a lot of business debt.



Most people require a little push to get them to work hard, but not Christian. He saw one ad, watched our VSL, and was ready to join as soon as he was on the sales call. He put his first deposit down on  the spot. 

Within 4 Months, Christian is on track to paying off his debt. He has a client that pays him a salary plus a % of the revenue and he could not be happier. 

Eliminating the stress and anxiety that goes along with running a business. He is now able to do what he loves and does not regret joining. 


The Process

We’ll teach you everything you need to know from software to sales. That way you’re able to transform business owners lives in just a few hours a week while still being able to make six figures a year. 

Our coaches are with you every step of the way and are able to help you if you hit a roadblock. 

Achieve The Freedom You’ve Always Wanted To Have

Learn highly valuable skills, charge your worth, work with incredible companies, remove your income ceiling, and start your path to becoming an entrepreneur.

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