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Case Study: Christal Anderson

Landed her first client in just 2 months!


Christal Anderson has worked in the 9-5 corporate world for many years. She finally made the jump to leave corporate America to become an entrepreneur but suffered many starts and stops. Nothing seemed to be the perfect fit for Christal. She knew that she wanted to focus on technology and marketing of some sort, but didn’t know exactly what. Christal had tried many different coaching programs before, but most only gave mindset coaching and not technical skills! That’s when Christal found Remote Integrator Academy, where she could get the skillset that she was missing. 



Within just two months of starting this program, Christal landed her first client! Not only that, but this client was somebody that Christal loved working with, in an industry that interested her. Christal also mentioned how happy she was that in just two months, she was also able to get a full return on her investment! “This program worked, and worked FAST!”


The Process

Christal felt the process to be super valuable! “I was thrilled that every lesson was pure value and provided real marketable technical skills, not just theory!” That’s how Christal described the content she was learning in RIA. Christal also explained that with each training, her confidence built more and more, and she felt as though she could provide real solutions to the problems that businesses are having now!

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