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Case Study: Cherish Hartz0

"I was Finally able to quit my corporate job!"


Cherish Hartzo was working 9-5 every day in the corporate world. She was working as a digital marketing analyst but was also trying to start her own business on the side. After one too many days of sleepless nights, exhaustion and frustration, Cherish decided to make the decision to get help with her new business.



Cherish described her first big win as the time she was able to interview a female coach. This opened so many doors for Cherish to be able to connect with female entrepreneurs and help them fix any problems they had within their business, using the skills and tools she learned in RIA. After just three months in the program, Cherish was able to lock down her first two clients. With that, Cherish now had the confidence, and financial means to quit her corporate job! Cherish always wanted the freedom to work wherever, whenever. Well, now she can!


The Process

When Cherish joined RIA, she was at a point in her life where she was tired of the corporate world and wanted to branch off and be her own boss. It started with mindset. Cherish realized that not only was it important for her to have a good mindset, but it was imperative for her business to succeed. Next, Cherish was able to identify all of the problems and bottlenecks in her business. Not only that, but she was able to learn how to fix those issues within her business. Cherish really took a liking to the coaching calls within the program. This was a safe space for her to be able to ask any questions she needed and get tips to help her succeed.

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