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Case Study: Cahoop

From 0 to 8+ clients in 35 days!


Before Scaling With Systems, Darius Safavi had been trying to make entrepreneurship work for the last decade. From building a handyman marketplace business in London, a taxi financing business in Ghana and a crypto arbitrage bot, he had tried ‘everything’ with some moderate success, but nothing had ever really clicking for him. 

For the past year specifically, I he had been building a platform to connect software engineers in Asia to fast growing technology companies in western markets, but this venture was badly hit by the pandemic.

The Results

Upon my VA joining the business, things really took off with almost immediate effect.” 

Darius was able to delegate tasks which had previously been taking up a lot of his time, which then allowed him to focus on working “on the business” vs. “in the business”. The Scaling With Systems training means that VAs are able to hit the ground running in any business and add tremendous amount of value. Darius’s VA was trained in all the latest lead generation strategies, and was directly responsible for brining in almost multi-6 figures in ARR in just over a month in a brand new niche with a brand new offer!

Before joining SWS, I had no business (no niche, no offer, no revenue etc), and had been feeling very lost for some time, without any supportive community of other entrepreneurs around me. Upon joining SWS, I took a bit of time to digest the course material and transition out of some “freelance consulting” work that I had been doing in Singapore.

I started outreach week commencing 8th March 2021, and within just 35 days, had landed 7 clients, amounting to $216K SGD ARR (approx. $162 USD ARR). My business ‘Cahoop’ achieved more in those 35 days than I had in the past several years of “trying in entrepreneurship”. I attribute almost all that success to having joined SWS, and without having joined, I’m almost certain I would be on a much less promising trajectory than SWS has set me up for.


The Process

Darius joined Scaling With Systems because after years of struggling with entrepreneurship and had finally had enough of spinning his wheels. “Ravi’s message entirely resonated with me. The clarity that Ravi brings to the path to success in entrepreneurship is unrivalled, and so immediately upon joining SWS, the steps that I needed to take to go about building my business were obvious”. 

Darius started by choosing a niche with a problem, hypothesised an offer for said niche and then validated the product/market demand using the framework provided in the course. Upon having tested the product/market fit, he “sold before creating”, and then trusted himself to figure out the solution, before scaling through outbound prospecting techniques taught by us at  Scaling With Systems. 

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