Case Study: Bullbox Marketing

From $23,000 to $54,000 MRR in 5 months


Justin Oglesby, CEO of Bullbox Marketing, had grown his business to a sizeable monthly revenue figure. However, he lacked systems and automation that kept him tied to his desk for 10+ hours everyday. He knew he needed to outsource and remove himself from outbound prospecting.

The Process

At Scaling With Systems, the first step of the process is to understand your business and your specific needs. We then source team members for you based on what you need right now. In Justin’s case, he needed prospecting taken care of – so we sourced an awesome virtual assistant based in the Phillippines who had previous experience working inside a similar business to Bullbox Marketing.

We also recommended that Justin transition his prospecting, sales & onboarding to our automated flows, so that he could focus on stellar client fulfillment.

The Results

Through leveraging virtual assistants, Justin consistently attracted 3-4 clients every single month that more than doubled his revenue in just 5 months. He was also able to pay off his student loans, his wife’s student loans and is currently on track to paying off his entire mortgage by the end of 2020.


“For two years, I had no consistent way of bringing in new clients & customers. Within 6 months of working with Ravi, I was able to pay off tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and will be paying off my mortgage by the end of the year.”


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