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Case Study: Brian Park

went from 9-5 to Financial Freedom


lBrian Park was working 9-5 everyday as an engineer at a large consumer goods company. Brian was stuck on autopilot, working everyday just like the last. Brian had more desires for his life than just working. He wanted to travel the world, experience life, and dedicate more of his time to his faith. 



In under TWO MONTHS, Brian was able to secure his first client! Since then, Brian has been living his life with the freedom he’s desired. Working from home (or wherever he decides to travel to that week!), and helping successful business owners with the operation of their business. Brian is continuing that effort and drive everyday, securing new clients and living life the way he intends to! 


The Process

When Brian Park joined RIA, he was at a place in his life where he valued his time more than he did anything else. Brian saw how valuable his time was, and wanted to use that to his advantage. Brian wanted what many of us dream of – freedom. But Brian did exactly what a lot of us are afraid of doing, which is actually make the changes necessary to get that freedom! Brian came into this program with a positive and confident mindset. With that mindset, he was able to make his dream a reality. 

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