Case Study: Blu Marketing Agency

Went from $0 to $70k in revenue in just 3 months


Justin Sides Jr. always had hopes of starting his own business. He had a lot of experimentation and hope, but nothing tangible that he could get started with. He had tried the typical setups and many different courses, but nothing was showing any real potential. 

The Results

After implementing some of the tactics, Justin stated that they started seeing more productivity in their business and more clients wanting to work with him. “The efficiency allowed us to split test many things at once and ultimately come up with the perfect offer and message. I believe that having these systems and processes in place made us scale faster than any other agency.” That is what Justin said after just a few months in the program. After only 3 months, Blu Marketing went from $0 to $70k in revenue. In just 7 months, they went from $0 MRR to now $30k! And now, Justin and his team are making 6-figures every month! 


The Process

Justin joined scaling with systems with basically nothing. He was at $0 in revenue when we first met him! The first thing we recognized is that Justin needed a virtual assistant. We also recognized that in order to organize his workflow, he needed systems and processes in place.

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