Case Study: Ben To the right

Went from $2,500 to $177,000 in 6 months


Benjamin Ong’s business is based around helping financial advisors. He helps them get from $0 to 6-figures in less than a year! While he was helping his clients make money, he wasn’t making much for himself. Benjamin was making around $2,500 per month on average. Benjamine also found it very hard to book appointments. He had tried some other courses but nothing seemed to be able to help him scale his business.

The Results

Benjamin saw success in many different ways from Scaling with Systems. He went from only getting 1 appointment per week, to now getting 8 appointments per week! With that, his client list went from only 7 people, to now over 60! Most impressive of all is that he went from making $2,500 a month to now making $177,000 a month! That is well over the 2 million dollar mark annually, and that all happened in only 6 months.


The Process

When Benjamin joined Scaling with Systems, the first thing he recognized needed some help within his business was his consistent outreach and lead generations. Given that, we got Benjamine set up with a virtual assistant who would be able to take over those tasks, and leave Benjamine with the more pressing money-making assignments.

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