Case Study: Baoss Digital

From $5k / month, to now $25k / month


Bao Le’s start-up company, Baoss Digital is a boutique agency that specializes in end-to-end lead generation and qualification for real estate professionals. Bao was struggling every day to try to prospect clients, work on fulfillment and grow his company but it just wasn’t working the way he had thought it would. He was having a hard time making even $5k/month consistently. Bao also works a full-time job on the side, so trying to run this agency full time on his own just wasn’t working.

The Results

Once Bao had his virtual assistant on board and some of his processes automated, he started having a steady stream of leads coming in that he could work down his pipeline. This helped Bao to prioritize needle-moving tasks, and give him some area to remove himself from his business. In fact, since then, Bao was able to remove himself from 80% of the business work, only focusing on the high-level things that need his attention. From being at $5k/month not too long ago, Bao is now doing over $25k/month and still growing. Bao even has some months where he makes upwards of $40k or $50k!


The Process

Bao joined Scaling with Systems with the little time he had in between trying to run his agency and also having a full-time job. The first thing Bao wanted to do was get his time back! With the team, Bao immediately recognized some areas in his business he could automate to take it off of his hands. On top of that, once Bao was placed with his virtual assistant, he delegated all of his outbound prospectings to them.

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