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Case Study: The Salters Group Recruiting

From $10k to $20k+ MRR


The Salters Group Recruiting has an extensive background in Supply Chain & Logistics recruitment. CEO Rob Salter came to us with a problem as he had identified a glass ceiling in his business – his systems. 

He had built a decent lifestyle business, but still felt like an independent contractor / freelancer – NOT a business owner. Like many others he looked to UpWork for support, but to no avail. Trying a ton of prospecting and cold outreach with little success.

The Results

Fast forward to today, The Salters Group Recruiting has doubled its monthly recurring revenue,  from $10k to $20k MRR and Rob has built for himself a cash machine that attracts new customers every single day.

What’s more, the recurring revenue is more stable than ever, allowing Rob to project out his annual run rate and make long term moves with his business. 

The Process

From Day 1 of joining Scaling With Systems, we knew that Rob’s first priority was to focus on revenue-generating activities. How could he do this? Simple – delegate day-to-day tasks. This is where our SOP creation system stepped in, allowing Rob to create clear Standard Operating Procedure for these tasks.

We found Rob an amazing Virtual Assistant to step in and take the reins of both operations and lead generation inside his business. It was at this point that Rob realised that he had become a jack of all trades, but a master of none. 

Once the Virtual Assistant started working, it was hyper clear to Rob that the real reason his business hadn’t scaled was because he was doing too much. Within a few weeks of our Scaling With Systems virtual assistant working with him, Rob was able to fully remove himself from every day-to-day task and focus on money generating activities. Only now Rob spends his days picking up the phone, answering booked appointments and finding somewhere to put all of his cash.


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