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Case Study: Bailey King

I was able to get promoted, while also working less


Before Bailey King joined Remote Integrator Academy he was working in a greenhouse in an entry-level position. While working at that position in the greenhouse, Bailey found himself noticing things in the business that could use some improvement on the management side of things. While Bailey was not apart of management at his work, he still wanted to help out and try to improve the business the best he could. Bailey found himself doing a lot of guesswork, trying to figure out how to fix things, but he enjoyed the idea of helping a business grow and become better. Bailey was also helping his partner get a business set up on the side, trying to use the things he was learning at his full-time job at this start-up.



Bailey found himself taking a lot of knowledge away from the program that he felt could help the business he was working at. Bailey took is new knowledge and skillset to his current job, and used that to help grow their business and help them operate more smoothly. Because of Baileys initiative and knowledge on the management side of things, it made him indispensable to the company. Bailey was almost immediately promoted to an operations role at the greenhouse. Bailey now has freed up almost 10 hours a week at his full time job by making it more automated. By doing this, Bailey has more time, and more knowledge to help his partner start up their business as well. Bailey finally has the confidence and now the skillset to take his knowledge to any other companies he wants to help them grow and succeed the way he helped at his full time job.


The Process

When Bailey first joined Remote Integrator Academy, he was immediately drawn in because he felt as though he finally found a place that would teach him the necessary skills and structure that he needed to help out at his current job. RIA provided Bailey with a plan. A plan for how to breakdown the problems at his work and tackle them straight on to get his desired result. coming in to this program, Bailey felt the community very valuable to him. Bailey described the wealth of knowledge to be immense and that was the thing that kept him coming back for support.

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