Case Study: Avantus

0 to $57,000 / month in only 9 months


Liam Duggan found Scaling with Systems after attempting to start a few businesses. Like most people beginning their journey, he was struggling. Liam had tried different courses and programs, but a lot of them weren’t clear on how to succeed.

The Results

Once Liam really immersed himself in the program and started implementing some of our processes, he quickly saw success! Liam’s business, Avantus, went from $0 to $57k per month, in only 9 months! He went from no clients to 25! And Avantus went from just himself, to now a team of 4. This isn’t to mention the other 2 businesses that Liam founded after joining our program!


The Process

When Liam joined Scaling with Systems the first thing he wanted was structure and process, along with a clear vision and goal. We also set up Liam with a virtual assistant who was able to take over some of the paperwork, and little things that were very time-consuming for him. With all of this in place, Liam was now able to focus on building up his business, getting clients, and scaling.

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