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Case Study: Anastasia Pitanova

"I can now create the lifestyle I have always wanted for my family!"


Anastasia Pitanova joined Remote Integrator Academy while working full time as a realtor, while also working part time as an artist. When Anastasia joined Remote Integrator Academy she was a bit skeptical. It all seemed too good to be true, and she has tried a few programs before with no luck. Anastasia was interested in creating a remote business so that she would have more time to stay home with her family, and the extra income wouldn’t hurt too. Anastasia was also interested in taking the knowledge she would learn from this program, and putting that right back into her real estate business.



Anastasia landed her first client just a few months after joining Remote Integrator Academy. Her first client was somebody already in her network, and just by talking to him, he realized the immense value she could bring to his business. That became quite a theme in Anastasia’s journey thus far. “I didn’t even start being aggressive in finding opportunities, all I was doing was talking to people around people and I guess I sounded so confident it just worked!” That’s where that mindset shift comes into play in the real world. Having the skills is only one factor in being successful. You must be confident in yourself and those skills and that is where you will find real achievement. These skills that Anastasia learned also helped her exceptionally in her real estate business. Anastasia did just that, and I have no doubt she will be landing her next client any day now!


The Process

When Anastasia finally decided to invest in herself and join Remote Integrator Academy, she was honestly still a bit skeptical. That was until her first coaching call. After that first interaction, Anastasia realized how real this was, and she immediately felt supported and welcomed by the community. Anastasia comes from a background in real estate, not technology, yet she found that the way the information was presented, it was easy to consume and learn from. Something Anastasia noticed immediatly was her change in mindset. She felt herself developing new healthy habits and ways of thinking that would help her be successful not just in this space, but in any career or endeavor.

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