Case Study: Amélie Riendeau

From $4k to $330k and 50% profit in 8 months

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Amélie 8 months after joining Scaling With Systems.


Amélie Riendeau is a business coach based out of Canada, who had multiple different offers in multiple different industries. She was trying to decide if she should stick just to the French market or expand to the United States.

Amélie came to us through a referral from one of our current students who was doing $80k/month – she was incredibly talented and very passionate about helping others, and we could tell she had a lot of potential, but the biggest issue was her focus.

Amélie had previously bought a bunch of online programs on how to create course content and also tried to launch her agency without really knowing how to convert her audience into paid customers. After a few attempts of putting out social media content and running Facebook Ads, it became way too expensive to the point where Amélie was losing not only money but also time.

The Process

After attending multiple coaching calls, we identified that Amélie’s business needed systems and processes to give her more clarity on who her ideal clients are, giving her the ability to convert them into paying customers.

Once we narrowed down Amélie’s offer and who she was serving, we then productized the back-end and allowed her and her new fully trained virtual assistant to focus on generating more leads. 

Amélie ended up getting 3-5 booked appointments in her first week and signing 4 – 4 figure clients for a program she hadn’t fully created a month later. She’s proved the market wants her without having to do any up-front work.

The Results

Amélie’s business went from 3 to 35 clients in 5 months. From 2 team member to 7 in 3 months and here she is 8 months later and $330,000 in deals closed. Amélie has now focused on delivering results for her clients whilst using our systems, processes, scripts, proven outreach channels, and virtual assistants to continue to bring her new leads for her business.

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