Case Study: AMASS Marketing

Doubled Their revenue in just 7 months


Joshua Villarreal, and his marketing agency, AMASS Marketing, were stuck! Joshua was stuck at around the $7,500-$ 10,000-month mark in his agency and couldn’t seem to get past that in terms of revenue growth! He had tried various different courses but most of them were focused on fulfillment, not client acquisition, so it wasn’t much help for Joshua.

The Results

After Joshua had his virtual assistant onboard, he almost immediately started seeing more sales and sales opportunities. With more time on his hands, thanks to his VA doing a lot of the outbound messaging and prospecting for him, he was able to focus his time on sales and building a better client experience. After a few more months of working with his VA, Joshua was able to double his revenue in only 7 months! On top of that, Joshua finished the year with his biggest month to date!


The Process

Joshua joined Scaling with Systems to try to break through his stuck revenue problem. In just a couple of weeks, Joshua was able to digest the content as well as learn from the coaching calls. Joshua recognized that he was not doing enough prospecting or outbound reach which contributed to his revenue being at a standstill. Once Joshua was matched with his virtual assistant, he was able to delegate outbound messaging and various other tasks to them. 

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