Case Study: Alchemist Assets

From 2 to 10 Sales Calls a Week


Bernee Sanchez is a real estate investor & wholesaler who struggled to even get 2 appointments a week with qualified opportunities for his business. He had tried to use virtual assistants and remote call teams to scale his business but with little success.

The Process

As soon as Bernee joined the program, we could see that his primary need was in lead generation. Therefore, we deployed 2 virtual assistants onto his team to assist with cold-emailing, appointment setting & outbound calling.

In addition, we helped Bernee to systemise the Alchemist Assets sales process whereby leads could come in and be nurtured automatically, removing Bernee further from in-the-business activities.

The Results

The impact for Alchemist Assets was game-changing, almost instantly. The team went from 2 booked appointments to consistently having 10 high-quality calls with wholesaling opportunities every single week. This whilst having lower overheads and less work for those working ON the business.


“We realized that our systems needed to be dialed in. Scaling With Systems brought all of our data into one place, helping us see that business is simply a numbers game.”


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