Case Study: Adrian Zamora

From A Stagnated Web Developer To A Salary Raise And 3+ Clients In 6 Weeks!


When Adrian first came to us he was feeling limited in what he could do as a web developer for his clients.

They weren’t upset, but they weren’t exactly blown away either, simply because he didn’t have the right skill sets to really bring his clients massive growth in a short amount of time.

The Results

Within 6 weeks of joining the Remote Integrator Academy, Adrian had mastered many of the skills taught inside our program and his company quickly took notice.

Once he showed them (his clients) what he could do using these new integrator skills and systems they immediately gave him a raise. In addition to this, Adrian already has two more clients lined up to close in the next few weeks.


The Process

Most “technical experts” like Adrian who come into the Remote Integrator Academy are able to quickly incorporate what they know about the “tech world” and what we teach about systems.

The two go together hand-in-hand, yet most web administrators or web developers only see one side of the coin – leaving their clients frustrated, unwilling to renew or pay for any high-priced services.

This can also lead to the web developer feeling frustrated and that his work is meaningless. We teach how to use web development as one weapon in an entire arsenal of business growth strategies for your clients and how to tie them all together.

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