California Is Dead | They Will Tax You For 10 Years

Everyone is leaving California, but I don’t think you understand how bad it really is.

Celebrities like Grant Cardone, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro, and Graham Stephen are all exiting California for friendlier states, which is going to have a massive impact on the Californian economy. 

In this video I walk through the most recent bill proposed by the Californian Government, why it borders on the line of Communism, and how it will impact current residents of California as well as those that are looking to visit for a month or two. 

If you are a business operating in California this will surely cause you to move to another state as Tax Bill AB 1253 and Tax Bill AB 2088 not only increase the income tax in California by almost 30%, but also will tax anyone who visits California for 10 years after they were there. 

I break down each of California’s proposed tax bills in detail, why people like you and me should be worried, and my thoughts on the long-term repercussions this will have for California residents and its economy.

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