The 3 Steps Of The Buyers Matrix!

In this video I’m going to talk about the 3 steps of The Buyers Matrix.

This is incredibly important if you have a service based business, as well as product based business.

It is absolutely crucial you understand this, because everyone treats buyers as the same – thinking all buyer are created equal. 

The truth is, all buyers are not and if you have a business you will notice that all buyer fall under 3 different categories.

Click on the video above to find out what they are and how you can use them effectively inside your business!

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[00:00:00] In this video, I’m going to be talking about the three steps or the three parts of the buyers matrix. OK. So this is incredibly important. If you have any kind of really service based business now, obviously, this applies to a product based businesses as well. But this is really important for you to understand because everyone treats buyers as the same. Right. So they think that all buyers are created equal. And the truth is, all buyers are not. So if you’ve a business, you really will notice that buyers fall into three different categories. OK. And if you watch any of my videos below, you’ll know that my handwriting is atrocious. OK. So the first start of the buyers matrix is going to be something that’s essentially along the lines of why change. Right. So why change? OK, so this is what you’re finding somebody who might or might not have a pain, right? So they have something in their business, whether they’re doing or not doing this could be in consumers in their personal life. They’re doing it. I do it. And they’re wondering, why should I even change? Why do I need to do this thing right now? Right. Maybe a lot of people don’t even know that your service exists. Right. Maybe you help people generate more leads or you help people, you know, make more money. So that’s why it’s usually easier to sell regeneration or advertising or sales funnels or anything like that, because in those instances, you are you’re selling something that people kind of already know. They need more. Right. Why change?

[00:01:29] So an example of this could be for me when I actually dropped out of law school in order to create my first on company Prospect Social, I didn’t even know I needed to change. It wasn’t until I got hit by these ads of these other people online making money. And I was like, OK, these guys are traveling the world, right? I’m in Cabo San Lucas right now. They’re traveling the world, are making money online, and they’re only working like a few hours a week. And that was when the first thing that flipped my script and I was like, oh, I need to maybe change right now. Right. So that buyers, people in the in the in the beginning of the journey, these are people that usually when you reach out and do outbound prospecting, they are they don’t even know why they need to change. That’s why outbond prospecting is both great and it’s also troublesome. It’s great in the sense of you can be the one to take him through this fire journey. But it also can be troublesome because you have to the sales cycles a little bit longer. So why change is essentially like what’s the pain point? Right. What are you solving? That kind of stuff. Right. And it could be many things that could be, you know, you didn’t even know that they needed to change, try to even know that these opportunities exist out there. OK. So that’s the first aspect of it.

[00:02:34] The second aspect of the buyer matrix is going to be why now? So these are a little warm, really, right? They already know, look, I need to be making more money. I need virtual assistance. I need to be having more appointments on my calendar. I need to be in better shape. I need to be in this. But in reality, the question is, why do I need to do this right now? What’s the thing going on right now? And this is where you see a lot of people putting in like scarcity is a good. I mean, a good tactic here, I don’t what is a good tactic is people use fake scarcity all the time. But scarcity or incentives. Right. Incentives. Or anything else. A limited supply. Those are all examples of why now. Hey, look, you need to get in shape right now because if you continue down this path in the next, you know, year, you can have another heart attack or you needed you know, you need to create regeneration for your business because if you go another month in the red, then you’re gonna have to shut down your business or you need to know you need to start an online business. You need to start. Like for me, my first online advertising is you need to buy into this coaching program because you’re at this crossroads in your life and you’re about to make an investment of one hundred fifty thousand dollars into a top law school in the country and spend three years going down a rabbit hole. Or you can make us one little change and buy into this program and learn how to create your own business online. And so I needed to make a decision now. Right. So I got hit by the ad and it showed me a pain point, what I was missing. And then in my own personal life, I had to realize why now? Well, because if I don’t do this right now, I’m about to have to go down a journey that’s literally you can’t pull out of it.

[00:04:12] I pulled out of my law school in the first semester. It still would have been about fifty thousand dollars to put down in there. OK, so why now is the second part of the buyer’s matrix and the final journey of the buyers matrix is going to be why you OK? Why you? So why are you essentially means like, why should they buy from you? Right. What makes you the best person that so reasons inside of your, like, social proof is really great. For us we have literally hundreds and hundreds of testimonials. Thousands and thousands of screenshots of clients winning that kind of stuff. Other aspects of WIU is also like proprietaries. But Propp here. So you’re a proprietary software access or systems or something like that that other people don’t have access to. You’re an industry leader, you know, or it could be that your family member, your friend, your cousin, you met him in the streets. Whatever it is, there’s a Y you method that right. So if you think about it, it’s really great sales funnels, really great marketing tactics. Use all three of these at the same time. So let’s imagine, you know, you get hit by someone’s ad. Could even be by ad. Right. My ads talking about how you can make two hundred thousand dollars a month and you can make this even during what’s going on in the world right now. And the view like, wow, I’m not making you a thousand dollars a month. I’d like to be able to make that. So that’s why change in the first place. Right.

[00:05:33] The second thing is why now? And we go, hey, these limited spots are we only have limited amount of virtual assistance or, you know, we’re only offering this code, you know, pandemic incentive based pricing for this amount of time. So that’s the why now? I mean, the why you meeting? Why work with us? Because we have more social group than even the industry. We offer lifetime guarantees. You know, we have a proprietary lead generation system we work with and the largest people in the industry, etc,etc. And I’m taking people along that journey in order to do it. Same thing happens with anybody else, anyone in the industry. You guys can drop down below other industries that you guys can think of, but depending on if you’re doing inbound or outbound marketing, they’re going to kind of come in at different points here. So, like, the wide change aspect of this is going to be a lot of time to be doing outbound marketing and be like, I don’t like very they fit your target market like they fit your your ideal client, whether it’s like industry size, revenue size, using a certain software automation. But they don’t even know that they have a pain point in the first placea lot of times.

[00:06:31] Where when you’re doing inbound marketing, you’re usually dealing with a little more of the why now or the why you OK? And that’s why a lot of people like to do paid ads or organic or whatever it is, because they don’t have to necessarily convince someone why they need change. They talk about why now, why you. Another really great example of this is like depending on what offer or business you’re in, you could automatically skip through some of these stages. So if you run like Scaling With Systems, we help people scale their companies ridiculously fast through automated lead generation systems. Well, people I know I need to grow. I know I need automated lead generation. Now I just have to solve people. Why now and why me? Right. Which we do through social brew. We do the incentive based pricing, all that kind of stuff. Right. Well, let’s say I’m a life coach. OK, now I’m having to convince people why do you even need a life coach in the first place? So I’m having to spend a lot of time in this area over here convincing people you need a life coach because life coaches can help you have better mindset. They can help you have better thought process. They’re going to help you be more a peace, whatever it is. OK. Now, I think I need a life set, a life coach, but now you convince them that now is when they need a life coach. Right. Why don’t you let coach and three months. Six months. And then why am I the best light years to do it versus hiring Tony Robbins or somebody else?

[00:07:46] OK. So that’s why some industries you work in, they’re gonna they’re gonna automatically let you skip some of these these matrix points. You have another really good example or dentist. Right. So dentists, when you’re running an ad, that’s why they’re just incredibly successful on Facebook is because if they’re running an ad for teeth whitening. OK. Let’s imagine the running of your teeth. You don’t need to convince someone they need whiter teeth. Right. Most people just know because of the world that we live in today, they need whiter teeth so they can have better photos, whatever it is. OK. The issue comes in. Is that OK? Now, since they already know they need whiter teeth, then why should I get whiter teeth now and why should I work with you? Well, in the ad you can say we’re giving away 18 vouchers. You know, that gives you ten dollar teeth whitening or free teeth whitening. So, OK. There’s scarcely there’s only 18 vouchers left. I need to get this tooth whitening right now.

[00:08:34] And then why you. Well, first of all, you’re the one that’s offering this kind of incentive based pricing that’s 18 vouchers. And also, you have five star, one hundred five star reviews on Google. You’re the number one dentist in the area. You give them a lollipop at the end. I don’t really know. It doesn’t really matter. You just need to make sure that it hits all of this. OK. So that is the three point biometrics, the largest companies in the world. Understand this. You need to understand this for your marketing efforts. You also should have some kind of lead scoring or lead qualification in your CRM, customer relationship management, client relationship management. So, you know, when someone’s coming in, what stage are they in this? Because if you’re sending somebody that doesn’t even know why they need a change, why they need to work with you, they’re going to be very turned off. Right. And if you’re sending someone messages that already know they need to change, they know they need to do it now and they’re at the why you stage, but you’re telling them, hey, you need to change. Like, look, I already know I need to change.

[00:09:28] That’s why for a lot of our clients whenever, like people come to our funnel and they watch our trainings, they’ve attracted a lot of stuff. They’re not even getting a whole lot of training stuff anymore. It’s more just like social proof, social proof, social proof, social proof, because we’re just saying this is why you need didn’t work with us. We offer guarantee. So you have to make sure your messaging matches where those people are. OK. So that’s my buying matrix, as usual. You guys have any additional questions, feel free to comment them down below. Or there should be a button below this video where you can actually book a time to speak with our team. And we can talk to you a little bit more about how we essentially set these up and run these for our clients as well. OK.

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