Top 3 Business Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read!

Reading books has been one of the greatest factors in my success in scaling multiple companies.

Whether you’re are trying to become a millionaire, start a business, or grow your business, most answers can be found between the flaps of a $10 book.

In this video I walk you through the top 3 business books for entrepreneurs looking to make their first million dollars.

The three books I cover are:
The Slight Edge
How To Win Friends And Influence People
The Obstacle Is The Way

I’ll also walk you through why I think these books are the top business books in 2020 and how they have specifically transformed my business.

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[00:00:00] What’s going on, guys? Ravi Abuvala here. I am actually in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico right now. I’ve been here for about the past 14 days while my businesses run on autopilot. First of all. Sorry about the smoke coming in here. I have my chef down here cooking me some mean dinner, and you’ll see him walking in and out of here in a second. But I want to talk to you guys really quickly about the top three books you should be reading in order to really scale and grow as an entrepreneur. Now, if you watch my channel or if you know me for a while, really, you’ve been in business in a while. I don’t have to sell you guys on the power of reading. I really, really, really love reading. I’m a voracious reader. I probably read close to two books a month right now. That could be a lot for some people. That could be for a little for other people, but it’s a good amount for me. I read probably an hour and a half to two hours every single day. And reading has totally transformed my life. You see, it really pains me when I hear people say, I can’t afford this program. I can’t afford to, you know, get this education. I can’t afford to, you know, better myself when in reality the best teachings in the entire world you can get on Amazon or on Kindle for like one to five dollars. But most people think they’re the newest and shiniest object in order to see success.

[00:01:08] Now, I do believe that coaching programs and courses can be really beneficial. A big fan of them. I have them myself and I’ve been through a bunch that have been really valuable for me. But in the beginning, when you have no money, I always recommend people start at books because they’re essentially free. And then once you graduate passbooks, you need a little more actual practical knowledge. I recommend going into coursework or coaching and consulting. And then finally, once you get past that, you’ll be able to do a joined like high level mastermind’s. Will you actually be able to learn from people that are where you want to be? Right. Seven, eight, even nine figures and you get a lot more one on one mentorship program. That being said, the first out of the three books I recommend every entrepreneur should read is the first one going to be something called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Now, you’ve been watching me for a while. You know exactly what this book is. And it’s a big shout out to Jeff. I’ve actually spoken to him before because he really captured well in there what is essentially the compound effect, which is the idea that every day in life you’re either going up or you’re going down. You’re never just coasting. So when you hear some people say, oh, it’s my off day, are you some people say, oh, we’re just, you know, everything’s going okay right now or whatever it is. What they don’t realize is things are actually going down for them, whether it’s skipping a day at the gym, whether it’s having one hamburger, whether it’s not sending out those speeches of outreach, whether it’s not hiring someone, whether it’s not joining a coaching program. Time doesn’t work linear like that

[00:02:24] So if you delay something by one day, one week, one month, one year, you could really be pushing it back by one year, two years, five years, 10 years, maybe you and even your entire lifetime. And those kind of actions compound over time. And next thing you know, you wake up 20 years later. You hate the relationship you’re in. You hate the job that you have. You hate the area that you live in. You have no money save. And you wonder, how did this happen? The exact same thing happens with the opposite. Right. So people that are the overnight success rate entrepreneurs that all of a sudden just pop up on the screen and you say, oh, they just they made all this money overnight or whatever it is, it actually most likely is going to be them grinding and working, making sacrifices for years and years below the water before anybody has any idea who they are. And then finally they see success. And because it seemed like out of nowhere, because they finally are making some noise, you feel like it was an overnight success. The second book that I recommend that every entrepreneur should read is going to be How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. There’s a pretty simple one, but that actually shocks me that a lot of people have not read this book. I really recommend it because it teaches you how to speak with people. I used to think that I was a people person even in high school and college. I thought that I was a pretty social guy until I read the book. And it actually gives you some pretty practical knowledge as far as dealing with other people. So a really good example out of that that I got that I still think of this name to this day is saying people by their name Jacqueline.

[00:03:45] Right. So the sweetest sound anybody can hear is their own first name was DayQuil Annette. No, Jay, quali here. And just the simple act of whether you’re on a sales call, you’re talking to your girlfriend, your boyfriend, a potential girlfriend, a potential boyfriend, a potential lead, whatever it is that you’re able to actually say their name. You say their name over and over again. Black, whereas black. I know black. I hear today they’re they’re gonna be able to spend much more attention and they’re actually going to innately like you more. Another really great example that I’ve gotten out of that book is the reason why dogs are man’s best friend is because every time you see a dog, they’re incredibly happy to see you. And so you should strive to be like a dog in that sense. So whenever someone sees you, you walk into a room, you’re bringing energy and one super happy to see you. If when someone sees you, they walk up to you and they go, hey, how’s everything going? And you go, Oh, it’s going okay. Or you’re just like Tieri, like life sucks or whatever. You’re this negative. Nancy, no one’s gonna wanna talk to you. No one’s going to be around you. But if someone’s in a down mood or someone says, hey, how are you doing? What’s going on? Your like, I’m doing awesome. I couldn’t be more blessed. Business is going great. Life’s going great. Or I’m going through some hard times, but I could not be more blessed. People gonna be one to spend more time around you. And the final book that I recommend everybody read, especially entrepeneurs, is actually even more relevant in what’s going on in the world today is something by Ryan Holiday called The Obstacle is the way.

[00:04:57] It’s essentially boiled down teaching of Marcus Aurelius. But the idea behind it is that the biggest obstacles you experience in life, whether it’s a worldwide pandemic, whether it’s a worldwide recession, whether it’s a worldwide depression, actually teaches you, trains you and forces you to be a better person. It’s because of these, not in lieu of these things, that you are the better person. And ironically enough, I actually got this book, ordered to Me just by happenstance, right when the essentially pandemic broke out. And because of that, I read that when everything went down, it’s totally shifted my mindset from the rest of the world. And I saw what was happening as an absolute opportunity in order to capitalize on what’s going on in the world right now. So that’s it. My top three books for entrepreneurs. Hopefully you guys got some value out of it. I’m sorry about a little bit of the smoke that was coming over here, but we are about to have some dinner over here in Cabo San Lucas. If you guys got some value out of this video, please do me a quick favor, comment down below makes you hit the like button and click the subscribe button. Also, if you want to get a little bit closer with me, see some other entrepreneurs that have read these kinds of books and some other books that I’m reading. I would recommend you guys join my totally free Facebook group. I’ll put it in the link down below. I go in there every single day with trainings like this. I do live Q and A’s. I bring in other and entrepreneurs, other experts, other authors, and you can learn from them. So just click the link down below. You’ll get access the Facebook group. Make sure you like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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