[Watch This] Buying And Flying His Own Plane As A $10M+ CEO

buy your own plane

Ravi, the founder of Scaling With Systems, often gets asked why he flies his own plane.

As a CEO of a company doing $10M+ a year, shouldn’t someone like him be flying first class and having someone cater to all of his needs? While that’s the case with most CEOs, he decided he wanted to experience the challenge of becoming a pilot and buying his own plane.

The video below shares some reasons why Ravi decided to go down this route and how you can do the same, too.

Maybe you’re already there in your business, and this helps you take the leap. Or perhaps this can serve as inspiration for a goal you have. You could use this as motivation for when you scale your business to the point of being able to access this kind of lifestyle – it’s possible for you!

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Shae Lamond

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