Get Paid While You Sleep! 9 Creative Automated Business Solutions That Work

If you ever feel like you’re stretched too thin or asking yourself where the hours in the week go, you might be a prime candidate for business automation tools. 

About 80 percent of professionals surveyed said that artificial intelligence (AI) has made their business workflow easy and more efficient. AI and other technologies are revolutionizing business automation, allowing companies to do more with less.  

Consider some of the following automated business solutions that will take your business to the next level. 

1. Automate Your E-Mail Marketing Strategies

Some 79 percent of small business owners say that e-mail marketing is a crucial part of their marketing campaigns. 

It’s an outlet that lets you communicate with your subscribers regularly. E-mail marketing drives content strategies and can leverage your sales revenue and web traffic. 

There are several automation tools you can put into place to get better results. Many tools allow you to send out targeted messages to a specific segment on your e-mail list. 

It improves your open and click-through rate and makes it so that you’re not sending e-mails to segments of your list that don’t want them. E-mail automation is also helpful for sending people timely e-mails on their birthday and other events. 

2. Optimize Your Shopping Cart

Have you ever placed items in your online shopping, only to leave to do something else? This is revenue lost for the company you were shopping with. 

Shopping cart automation helps you prevent this from happening to your company. You can automate your shopping cart to send reminders to people that abandoned the shopping cart for whatever reason.

This simple automated reminder brings back revenue that otherwise would have been lost. Sending multiple automated reminders is even better.

Studies show that companies that send three followup e-mails receive a close to 70 percent improvement in conversions as a result. 

Companies are even working on technologies to automate the shopping cart process in brick and mortar stores. The baskets are outfitted with sensors that tally up your items and let you simply pay with your phone and leave the store. 

3. Take a Look at Your Servers and Databases

Having to manually look after your databases and servers can be both time-consuming and subject to errors. 

Running a database helps you store your information for the long-term and keeps your information secure and consistent. Adding AI lets you facilitate decisions for your physical server and your digital machines. 

Automating these tasks makes your data more homogenous and allows for the best performance. 

4. Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing

You’ll get a better handle on your social media marketing when you automate the processes. This is where the major traffic is since most people use a variety of social media platforms daily. 

Right now, 68 percent of people are active on Facebook. Automating posts throughout the month lets you pre-plan them so that you don’t have to spend hours out of your day churning out content.  

Your automation tools can also help you schedule posts at specific times to users in specific time zones. This is particularly helpful when working through social media ad strategies. 

5. Manage Your Relationships With Important Contacts

Automation even helps with your networking and relationship building. 

Several companies are making the switch to customer relationship management (CRM) systems to automate a lot of their processes. This industry has grown to the tune of about $30 billion in recent years. 

The data that these systems glean will also help to bolster your sales team. Everyone will get reminders on when they should make certain calls and reach out to different contacts.  

6. Fix Your Logistics

There are more than three million more parcels distributed globally than a few years ago.

Since the warehouse and fulfillment based industries are booming, it’s only right that automation plays a role. 

Companies are automating everything from packing and sorting items to making decisions on the fly related to storage optimization.  

7. Automate Specific Departments in Your Company

Big data and analytics are useful to plenty of departments in the commercial sector. 

Several companies are beginning to use automated bookkeeping to handle their business accounting needs. 

Allowing the system to do your bookkeeping saves lots of time and can reduce the margin for error. This makes your company more productive and lets you free up that time for other areas. 

Consider the benefits to your human resources (HR) department as well. It’ll work side-by-side with your accounting tools to address payroll. AI can also help to sort and arrange your records with precision. 

8. Consider Machine Automation

The robotics industry is valued at close to $17 billion, according to recent data. 

Robotic arms and tools are useful for everything from 3D printing to the repair and maintenance of equipment. These tools are equipped to better handle power distribution and other matters.  

9. Hire a Company That Can Focus on Your Company-Wide Automation 

If you’re going to incorporate any of these tools, you’ll need the help of a company that can oversee the way they’re used.

These companies can help you put together whatever automated systems that are needed for you and your industry. 

When outsourcing this service to experts, you’re better able to generate leads, create new sales funnels, grow your revenue, and so much more.  

Look For the Best Automated Business Solutions

These automated business solutions are useful for any industry that you work in. When you’re interested in growing your company to the fullest, you need to put these tools to use. 

Scaling With Systems has helped several companies with their automated business solutions. We would love to help you out. 

Reach out to us to get a price on any automated services that you need. 

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