The 4 Hour Work Week

Some Believe It, Some Live It, And Some Think It’s A Scam

Some believe it, some live it, and some think it’s a scam.

(That seems to be the case with most things that challenge “the norm”)

In case you don’t know there is a book written on this very topic.

Here’s how to remove yourself from your company (or your job) so much so that it is producing cash for you while you’re out doing what you want.

 Learning. Building Other Businesses. 

Even if you don’t want to “drink the Koolaid”, there are some serious time and efficiency hacks in here that can transform your life.

(Including something you’re doing wrong multiple times a day). 

I’ve been asked enough about it that I decided to shoot my own video showing you my “Top 4 Lessons From The 4 Hour Work Week.”

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[00:00:50] What’s going on, guys! Ravi Abuvala here with Scaling With Systems, and in this video, I’m actually going to show you the four biggest lessons I learned from Tim Ferris’s, his four hour work week, how I use them to create multiple seven-figure business while I travel the world and how you can take action. Implement all four of these today. So the first one out of the four things that I learned from four hour work week that actually totally transformed my life was e mail, the power of email. Now, it might not actually be exactly what you’re thinking of right here. Email people use as an instant messenger or almost a procrastinator to do the tasks they actually do. One study shows that the typical American or U.S. citizen checks their email fifteen times a day. OK, you’re checking your e-mail fifteen times a day. And the issue is, most of the time, email does not bring good news.

[00:00:50] So when I first read that in the book, I immediately switched from checking my email, which I probably is doing ten to twelve times a day to just twice a day at 9 a.m. and then at 5 p.m. pretty much right when I started working white white right when I entered work and I immediately saw an increase my productivity as well as a decrease in my stress levels because I wasn’t worrying all the time and going back and forth, the people. And guess what? Nothing bad happened. I didn’t fight a client angry at me. I didn’t have family angry at me. I just stopped using email as an excuse. And now I actually check my email once per day at twelve o’clock. I don’t even open my email until it’s o’clock that way. I’m not distracted by the world and all the questions and problems and fires I had to put out, and that will actually apply to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media channels that you have. I would recommend also limiting those notifications and checking those until nine, ten, eleven, twelve preferably around twelve o’clock so you can avoid the distraction or whatever fire email or social media will bring you when you check them. OK, so the thing is email. I recommend bringing that outside of your life or delegating it out or essentially eliminating majority of it so that you’re not spent a whole lot of time switching back and forth between the tasks.

[00:02:01] The second lesson that I learned from the 4 hour work week that totally transform my life is appointments. Right? And once again, probably not the way that you think it is. So most people when you look at a calendar, they have every single day Monday through Saturday, open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. any time that anybody wants to have a conversation with them. They’re totally down for that. The issue with that is that people don’t schedule based on the best available order to you. They want on the best ability, but availability to them. And what I mean by that is I could have my check, my e-mails at 12:00, but I have an appointment at 9:00 in the morning on Monday, an appointment at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, an appointment 11 o’clock in the morning on Tuesday. And every time I’m trying to start to do a task, it’s hard to do work or really start to do deep work in one of my companies. I then all of a sudden I have an appointment coming up. I’ll stop everything I’m doing and show the appointment and make sure I’m there. That also comes into play whenever you’re traveling the world, spending time with your kids, going to a soccer game, you know, watching football or being with friends and family, whatever it is. If you are having appointments sporadically throughout the week, the issue is that you can never really make any true solid plans because someone could book something while you’re asleep and all of a sudden your day fills up.

[00:03:12] So one of the best things I did, I immediately changed my calendar to being open only Monday and Thursday. So now I only take appointments Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. And that allows me to have Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday totally open for me to do whatever I want. Most likely work on my company and even on Monday and Thursday from 9 to 12, I’m usually working or getting ready for the workday. So limiting that amount of time allows me to be hyper focused on the things that matter. It also allows me to be totally present. I know at 12:00 on Monday when I sit down, I’m going to be sitting down for the next 6 hours. I’m going to bus out all the appointments that I have. So obviously it doesn’t work. If you’re a salesperson, you need to be open for all that. But if you’re a business owner, like a lot of you watching these videos, I would recommend and it’s includes I have done dinner with friends, family, lunch, coffee all on Monday and Thursday keeps my calendar totally free. There’s a study that actually shows that most people spend one and a half hours a day switching in between tasks. And so you’re going to limit that by doing stuff like email batching only checking e-mail once a day and only doing appointments twice a week. The third thing that I learned from the 4 hour work week that totally changed my life is the power of virtual assistants and the power of currency. Right. And what I mean by that is the US dollar is strong.

[00:04:30] You know, depending I’m not trying to get political or not, but it’s strong in Russia in relation to other countries. So, you know, in the Philippines, I think it’s one U.S. dollar is like nineteen thousand or nine thousand, something that Filipino pesos and Columbia one dollar is. I think it’s three thousand Colombian pesos. And Mexico, it’s the same thing. It’s like nine thousand Mexican pesos are are one U.S. dollar. And so the truth of the matter is, although what you would pay someone in the US to work for you to do a certain task, whether that’s, you know, running ads or could be checking email to be seen doing lead generation. It could be doing a million different things for you. You can pay that same amount of money in a different country where that money will actually go further. And so in the US, you’re paying less and in that countries are receiving the same quality of life. So, for example, a lot of our clients pay their version. Is five dollars an hour and a lot of people are so upset whenever they hear, oh, I can’t believe you’re paying someone $5 an hour. How do they make a living on it? That’s because you’re comparing $5 an hour in the U.S. and not comparing $5 an hour to the Philippines or India or somewhere else where you can have the same quality of life as you would for ten to $12 an hour over there as well. So having a virtual assistant in the power of currency conversion allows me to have people working for me full time 24/7 doing the things that I need to be done inside of my business to move the needle for. You know, there’s appointment setting. They do Facebook ads and lead generation for me. They can also do content creation for me. They do stuff like automation and tools, Web site design, anything you can imagine. They can do for you as long as you teach them. And that’s actually what we teach our clients as well. And we give people virtual assistants that are fully trained and all those things also. And then the final thing that I learned from the four hour workweek that totally, totally, totally changed my viewpoint on what business was and why I was put on this earth was actually called a muse m U.S. E.

[00:06:20] And what amuses is essentially it’s your business. Muse is something that generates you money to fund your lifestyle. So most people create businesses and they work 80, 90 hours a week and maybe they want to sell it and go public with it on an IPO in 5, 10 years. And so there they grind for five to 10 years trying to build something that they hope one day they can sell. And that’s an incredible lifestyle. And some of the biggest people, you know, in this world, Jeff Bezos, you know, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, whatever it is, they do, business models similar to that. The difference it amuses amuse can be something that’s essentially very low overhead. So not a whole lot of costs to start. Usually a service based business or very, very cheap products that you’re selling and easy to scale. So examples of that could be some stuff that you guys are watching, like social media, marketing agencies, advertising agencies, lead generation agencies, consulting, all that stuff. You don’t need a whole lot of money to start. It’s very easy to get clients for. It’s very easy to scale it. And so with very little or minimal effort, I’m able to make five, six, seven figures a month. And that money is able to actually fund the lifestyle things I could do, like travel the world, go to med a yean, you know, go snowboarding, go to Cabo, live in San Diego and a mansion with all my friends. It’s because I have a muse that allows me to do it. And I have it all automated. I’m fully removed from the whole process. So those are honestly the four things that I took away from Tim Verizon’s four hour work week. I would recommend watching this video again so you can kind of have a better idea of exactly what I cover. And you can start implementing a lot of those things to day. If you’ve got a lot of value out of this video, I want you to a few things for me.

[00:07:57] Number one, common down below. And just let me know which one of those four things you want to enact today or if you had questions about maybe where to find visas or how you can start checking emails dropping down below. I check that stuff every single day. Make sure you subscribe like and comment on the videos. I’m totally aware that you guys are enjoying this stuff. And then finally, if you guys want more information on how to create news is where to find virtual assistance, how you can remove yourself from your business, that you have your thing by creating, just click the link down the bio. You can get some free training that we have. Oh, it’s going to be up here on the screen somewhere and you can get some free training on exactly where to find virtual assistants, how to remove yourself from your business, and how to create that news that will allow you to have the business that funds your ideal lifestyle. I’ll talk to you guys very soon

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