The Two Parts To Marketing

"Why" and "Why You?"

[00:00:00] What’s going on, guys? Welcome back to the show. In this video, I talk about why and why you. It’s an incredibly important messaging and idea that you need to get down whenever you’re about to start a business or when you’re already working a business and you’re choosing your clients. These are two of the key things that you need to know. If you find value in this video, please to make one favor, click the like button comment down below a question that you have or one of the videos you want me to shoot. And make sure you smash that subscribe button.

[00:00:34] Boom-Boom? What’s going on, guys? Welcome back to The Ravi Show.

[00:00:38] I’m your host Ravi.

[00:00:42] and I’m your host Ravi.

[00:00:43] And today we’re talking about the two key points of marketing and maybe the two key points to sell, but probably do deeper into marketing when we’re deciding that we’re going to help a client or someone’s a good fit or when you’re deciding Shier’s for the business, is this the right issue for you?

[00:00:59] You really would look for just two key things.

[00:01:02] And I want to show you what those are right now. Number one, very, very important question.

[00:01:08] Why don’t you begin? My God, this is all the fuku stuff. Like find your why and know why you’re doing something. That’s really not what I’m talking about. We’re doing our marketing here. So the first thing is y. And what I mean by y is why would someone buy your product? Why would somebody take your service? And when you’re marketing is somebody, you have to answer this question for that end consumer for the end user.

[00:01:33] So if you’re asking why, let’s say, for example, dentists, when you’re marketing to people for dentists, you don’t have to explain why people should get their teeth whitened as they already pretty much innately know it at all.

[00:01:44] Mass media in society shows us that we should have our teeth whitening so that people like us. OK. So that’s the why. So a dentist would be super easy for a lie. OK. So you’re trying to get dentists clients or you’re trying to start a business or you’re trying to be a dentist. All those are really, really easy sells. And that’s what we want to focus on for all of our businesses that we’re creating. And all the lead generation we do for other businesses is focusing on the Y aspect of what our consumer wants and about easily able to be like, hey, buy a house and one organization, buy a house, get your teeth white. You already know you can get your teeth whitening. You should turn your back or negotiate your back. Usually healthy, you already know you should eat healthy. It’s easier to sell people and it’s easier to understand your message if this is easy. A lot of problems I see is that he will choose a very difficult topic for him. So why are you being a life coach? It’s very hard to to be a life coach is very hard to get clients a life coach.

[00:02:39] Another are why I had a conversation with a gentleman today when my clients. Want to do marketing for another company. That’s a software company that also helps education products.

[00:02:48] And that company, the software company used to work for didn’t even have their messaging down. They didn’t even know why their end user would use them.

[00:02:56] And so they’re trying to get him to market to the end user for him. But it’s like that’s a very hard sell.

[00:03:02] You’re you’re somewhat a software company that helps a school or an educational institution, understand cyberbullying and not vaping.

[00:03:09] And it was all very convoluted. And I pretty much told him straight up. I was like, look, I don’t think that’s a good client. You don’t think that’s a good entry? We look for people that it’s a super easy sell out of the pro-life effort into the back end process of it, because all I really want to focus on is number two.

[00:03:32] What is actually why you write so first ones, why why would they use that part of the service? Second one is why you if you can keep yourself focused primarily on just selling the why you your life becomes so much easier.

[00:03:46] Like incredibly easier, because instead of just saying, hey, this is why you need to like roads or hey, this is why you should have this or this is why you should have that. This way you work with a software company and you can just skip that process and you can just go on why they should. Buerge should be your language, specifically you, because they’re searching for life coaches. They know the value of my coaches or why you should be the real estate agent because they know then you want to buy a house or why you should be the dentist they use to clean their teeth, or why you should be the lead generation company they use to generate leads. Like that’s a great thing about like lead generation companies and advertising agencies. That’s why they’re so high, because you don’t have to convince them why you think that the whole market is educated at this point, that online advertising and lead generation is an incredibly important thing to have in a business, almost the most important.

[00:04:32] I mean, if you think about it, it is the most important set of women staying. And so you don’t have to cover this so you can do direct, quote, outreach on just the why you portion of it. OK, so these you have to think when you’re when you’re choosing a client, when you’re choosing a business in New Jersey, an industry which you can think of is which one of these am I am I handle? If you’re doing the why and the why, you.

[00:04:56] It’s totally doable. It’s a lot longer rebind cycle and it takes a lot more energy, a lot more time and a lot more money. To be honest, you to do both of these together. OK. That’s why we don’t work with Latino life coaches and we don’t work with a lot of people that are like just super unique, like, you know. What do they call when they read your future? Psychics, like psychics and anything like that. Like, I’m not trying to convince someone to go see a psychic. And then that you’re the psychic bishop workfor. I’m trying to just have people already bought into what I’m selling. And obviously, it’s all the while. It’s all with us. Lifetime guarantee, the largest record in the industry. Lowest price is whatever it is. That’s the why you question just the value of you. They’re buying a new as a brand.

[00:05:37] That’s the way you portion. OK, so from now on, when you guys are going to take out a client, you’re starting this, whatever it is. Think why? And try to avoid if this is hard and then think why you.

[00:05:48] Because that’s also really important with it as well. If you’re trying to work with a client that has a super easy why, let’s say the lead generation company or their dentist or whatever. And then if you’re thinking about working with them because the y you will they have one star on Yelp and one star. Google reviews and they have a shitty office. Then now everyone knows need a dentist. But it’s going to be a lot harder for you to sell somebody who’s a dentist, who has one star on Google and Yelp and all that stuff as well. Right. So you got to have of these together and and use it to make sure it is your client that an important quality, personal reputation, experienced industry. If it’s you, you need all those things and it makes your life a whole lot easier to sell. What do you have with us? So that’s why. And why not? The two key points of marketing. I hope you guys enjoy this video, I really enjoy making this kind of stuff for you. I would just really a favorite comment down below what type of business that you have that you’re not sure if it hits the wire and hits the why not? And let me actually enter and help you guys out a little more there.

[00:06:48] Are you thinking of starting a business or you going to work in a bit? Working with the business also do me a quick favour, smash that like button and hit that subscribe button. And I’ll see you guys very soon.


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