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Are you thinking of starting your own business?

In this video, I’m going to show you the best online business ideas you can start from your home without investing any money up front.

This is not going to be a “get-rich-quick” video but rather a systematic way you can create an online business for free and reinvest the money to scale.

The advent of the Internet has ensured anyone can start a business from anywhere with minimal or even without any investment.

Just pick one of the ideas here and get started now on your journey to financial freedom.

Which one of these online business ideas are you going to try?

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[00:00:01] What’s going on everyone? My name is Ravi Abuvala, founder of, and I have bootstraped, both of my companies to multiple seven figures, as well as hundreds of my clients companies to multi six, seven and even eight figures with zero dollars upfront. Now, any time I’m talking to someone about starting a business, the number one objection I always hear is, well, I don’t have enough money to start a business. In this video I’m going to show you why that is a flat out lie. And the exact steps you need to take in order to start your own business with no money upfront.

[00:00:32] To be honest with you, if you know anything about venture backed firms or some of these large SAS companies or anytime you’re involving investors, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong when you take somebody else’s money or when you put too much of your own money upfront. Your goals and missions and your investors goals and missions may not align down the road. You also might use all this extra money and cash you have laying around to invest in and things that don’t actually return a direct ROI. You might create an incredibly large team on something that you have no real backing around or you don’t have a product market fit yet simply because you have the cash to do so. And finally, you will not create a machine where you have to put one dollar in to get four dollars out. Instead, you’ll be comfortable putting hundreds of thousands of dollars in or even tens of thousands or even thousands of dollars and not even knowing when you’re getting the money out because, well, you have the cash.

[00:01:19] So instead, even now, when I start a new company, I like to put zero dollars into it so that I make sure that every action and move we take is based around getting profitable as fast as humanly possible. If you want to do this yourself, there’s really only three things you need to follow. Number one, you need to make sure that you have product market fit. Now, a product market fit essentially means that whatever you’re creating, selling or offering, other people want to buy. Now, if this your first business ever? I really recommend a service based business because you’re pretty much exchanging your time for money. And if you don’t have a lot of money, then you usually have a lot of time. And it also be a really great learning experience without requiring a whole lot of stuff for you upfront to start it.

[00:01:55] So in order decide what kind of product or service you’re doing, you need to be go into the marketplace and asking people, hey, what problems do you have? So think about industries that you like to work in. You would like to work in and go up to those people in those industries and say, what are some issues or concerns that you have? What are some things that you’ve tried to pay somebody in the past but they have not successfully solved for you? Some of the biggest problems that I’ve found when I’ve gone out and asked friends, family and other people in the industry I want to work with that they have, usually sit around around things like lead generation or sales funnels or digital marketing or hiring and recruiting and training new sales reps or virtual assistants. So I’ve actually created entire companies around these problems. And then came right back to those same people and sold them the solution to the problem, they told me. Now, it’s important that you don’t actually create or build something or learn how to do something until you know for sure that you can sell it. So that means that once someone tells you that what their biggest problem is that they be willing to pay for, well, then you ask them to pay for it and then you’re going to solve it yourself.

[00:02:51] Now, before I would just jump in the comments section below and say that online to people, you should obviously understand that there should be something that you know, that you could eventually deliver on if you invested your time and energy into it. We live in an insane information age where you can pretty much find the solution to almost everything you want out on the Internet. So says someone tells you they have a problem with lead generation. Well, you can easily either a Google it or YouTube it to figure it out, or B, find somebody else who’s already doing it and pay them to learn how to do it or pay them to do it for you. Now, once you identified a need in the marketplace, they’ve paid you for that need in the marketplace and then you’ve delivered that thing that you told them that you would deliver on. Then you have your second step in order to scale a wildly profitable company with zero upfront capital. And that is to gather social proof.

[00:03:32] Now, in today’s crazy and noisy world, where you’re hit with literally tens of thousands of brands every single day, there’s only a few ways you can really stand out from your competition. And in my opinion, the number one way is using social proof in order to show people that you’re an authority and you’re trustworthy. I’ll put on the screen right above me here, you can see are, we literally have hundreds and hundreds of video testimonials and thousands and thousands of screenshots and case studies of our current clients showing our new prospective clients that we know we’re talking about and we can deliver when we make these huge claims. So how do you get social proof? Well, remember those same people that you just solved this problem for? You just go to them and say, hey, did this work? Yes or no? Yes. Awesome. Can you shoot me a quick two minute video testimonial saying exactly what you learned from it? How valuable it was for you, how much money you made for it, and what would you say to somebody else? They could have working for me.

[00:04:22] It’s insane to me when I hear people say, oh, my clients are too busy to shoot me a testimonial or they don’t want to be seen on video, but they’ve never actually asked any of their clients to do it. I’ve learned more times than not when I tell somebody, hey, do you mind shooting us a testimonial? And we really did deliver on the things I said that we will deliver on. And I tell them that, hey, we’re gonna be putting hundreds of thousands of dollars behind these ads. So you’re gonna be pretty much a celebrity in your industry by just shooting us a video testimonial almost every single time. They have no problem shooting us one. So at this point, we’ve leverage our friends and family personal network or some people that we know in order to figure out the product market fit. We then learn how to deliver that issue or problem that they need solutions for and we deliver it for. We didn’t get a case study, a video testimonial, a screenshot, something that shows that we know what we’re doing, that we delivered it for that person. And now it’s time to turn on the machine or will we start doing outbound prospecting?

[00:05:11] Now, I know a lot of you would just love to rush into advertising at this point, but advertising is a little tricky. And you can spend a lot of money not getting any results on this. If you have no upfront capital, even though you might be making a little bit of money at the very beginning, now that you’ve learned this new skill or service, well, we need to do first is make sure we nail down the messaging and your funnels and your sales scripts by just doing outbound prospecting, which really cost you zero dollars. So you go to places like Email or Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn and you start sending messages to people that are similar to the person that you deliver that first product or service to. And you say, hey, look, I can do this for you. Here’s a proof that I’ve already done it before. Would you like to jump on a call? If you don’t have the time to do this, you can also hire a Virtual Assistant like we give our clients for just a few dollars an hour and they can send hundreds or thousands of these messages every single day. At some point you’ll be have your calendar so full and you’ll be ready to hire a Sales Rep. And then at that point, you’ve transferred over the sales cycle to him or her. And now you can actually start really scaling by adding in the paid ads.

[00:06:08] So just to recap really quickly, if you’re trying to start a business from scratch with zero dollars upfront, you need to do three things. Number one, you need to find a product market fit by asking the people that you think you want to work with what their problems are. Figure out if you can solve that problem for them and then charge them to solve that problem for them. Number two, you need to collect as many case studies, testimonials or results that you can from the people that you ask them, beginning to see if those are product market fit once you delivered those for them in order to cut through the noise of the marketplace and show that you’re the authority in your industry. And number three, you know, really started hitting the gas by adding an outbound prospecting, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or Rmail. You can do it yourself or have a Virtual Assistant do it, so you have thousands of messages going out every single day saying, hey, I can solve this problem. Here is these cases that proves that I know what I’m talking about.

[00:06:53] Then at that point, you can pretty much throw ads on. You can really, really douse some gasoline on that fire and scale yourself to the moon. Now, you know the three things you do in order to start a business with zero upfront capital. But do you know specifically how to approach people and charge them for something before you’ve even figured out how to do it yourself? Or do you know where to find a Virtual Assistant or what your messaging should look like? Or even what kind of channel should you use in order to start generating and filling up your pipeline or calendar? I have literally just created a brand spanking new training in the past three days where I walked through all of those things, including how we created a cash machine for our business that spits out those clients that are ready to buy every six and a half days. You can get access to this brand new training on how to create a machine for your company in the link in the description below. And as always, if you’ve gotten a lot of value out of this video, please do me a favor and give it a thumbs up. Make sure you hit the subscribe button and comment down below any questions you have about starting your first business. Thank you guys so much and I’ll see you in the comments.

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