How To Scale Your Business From $0 To $5M In 2 Years

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We’ve helped 1,000+ entrepreneurs grow their business to multi-six, seven, and even eight-figures and we do it by following a simple formula I’ll share below…

Sell Before You Build

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make (whether they are currently generating revenue or not) is they don’t solve for product-market-fit first.

Instead they build something they think their industry wants or simply something they just want to sell, only to get little-to-know traction when they begin to market it.

Let me give you an example, we’ll use Bob and Sam.

Bob builds before he sells.

  • Bob’s mom, family, and friends tell him he’s a genius.
  • He thinks he has the best thing since sliced bread.
  • All this “sacrifice” creating the perfect product/service will be worth it once his industry sees what he’s working on.
  • Bob spends 6+ months and $20,000+ to build the “perfect product.”
  • Once Bob finally markets it he learns nobody is actually interested in what he has to sell, it’s simply something “nice to have,” but doesn’t solve a major pinpoint.

Bob then ugly cries himself to sleep every night and blames everyone else for his problems.

Sam sells before he builds.

  • Sam understands that he is smart enough to really solve any problem.
  • Sam goes and speaks to his target market and identifies painful and urgent problems, he also pays attention to what the market desires as “nice to have” and “need to have.”
  • Once Sam finds the problem he is going to solve he decides on a price ($3,000) and sells the solution to the people he interviewed using mock-ups and pitch decks.
  • Once Sam collects payment he is now profitable before he’s even started working and has confirmed product market fit, he then goes out and sees what the market is doing to offer a similar solution and builds on top of that.
Sam dedicated 2 weeks of research and is cash-flow positive before any real investment is made.

At this point you can move on to step #2.

Create A Mechanism That Makes Your Offer Work

You wouldn’t use a rocket ship to send your kids to school, make sure your service-delivery is exactly what your market needs.

This is the difference between a great business owner and a scammer, can you actually deliver on what you promised.

It doesn’t mean you have to get it right the first time, but through iterations you should shortly be able to deliver the transformation your customer bought from you.

Your first version of your solution will be rough and dirty, that’s fine, just focus on solving in the most efficient manner possible, we can put make-up on it later.

Remember to keep it simple, typically this is one offer, in one industry, with 2-3 softwares.

We scaled to 300+ clients using Facebook Lead forms, Zapier, and Voicemail Drops.

Capture A Case Study

Once you’ve dialed in the delivery and are getting results it’s time to be able to prove it to the rest of the world.

One of the main reasons why we see so many people unable to scale their business is because prospects don’t actually know if they are doing what is promised.

A very concise and well written case-study can build trust in your company, explain your product/service, and even convert them into believers/customers.

Components of a case study should include what their original state was when you started working with them, what you offered them for a solution, what the transformation was, how long it took, and evidence to back up all claims.

We have hundreds of case studies that explain how Scaling With Systems helps our clients blast through previous revenue ceilings.

Craft A Sales Letter

This is going to be where your core argument is housed.

Most companies have very manual and labor-intensive sales processes.

All of the lead engagement and nurturing are done on the time of the sales reps or SDRs.

Instead, aim to craft your entire sales argument, case studies, features and benefits onto a sales letter (typically hosted on a website) that can turn strangers into paying customers autonomously.

This can have written or video components and the length is irrelevant, the idea is to provide value and back-up your claims.

You can see an example of a sales letter that has generated us $5M in sales here.

Drive Traffic To Your Sales Letter

This is my favorite part, your sales letter will begin to convert a certain percentage of eyeballs into paying customers, we need to then increase the number of eyeballs.

I recommend hiring a few virtual assistants to start sending thousands of hyper-targeted messages a day to your ideal market.

Inside of Scaling With Systems we give our clients fully-trained virtual assistants to do this for them, but you can try to find your own placement agency online if you would like.

Make adjustments to the messaging through feedback, once it is converting at 3% you can introduce paid ads.

Bring as many eyeballs to that page as possible, let the content do the work.

Hire Your First Sales Rep

Most businesses do this too soon, then they wonder why they have excess or issues scaling.

You’ll want to wait until the sales letter and sales calls are converting, hiring your sales reps are simply going to increase what you already have going, and if what you already have going is terrible, then your sales reps are going to be terrible.

Once it’s converting and you have more appointments and leads than you know what to do with then start the search for sales reps.

We help our clients find theirs but a great place to start is current customers.

Keep Growing And Hire Where It Hurts

At this point the business should be growing on its own.

You’ll be able to concisely see 40%-100% month-over-month growth and couldn’t even turn the thing off if you wanted to.

Look for additional help only when it hurts, keep the business as simple and lean as possible for as long as possible.

If you would like us to walk through in much more depth how you can specifically use these steps to grow your business this year please book a complimentary consultation with our team here.

These steps above (while accurate) cannot cater to your specific situation unless we get on a one-on-one call and identify which stage you are in, what needs to specifically be done next in order to see massive growth, and offer some additional assets and training that you would find useful.


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